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Partial listing of Bob's bills that become laws




  • Prohibits warrantless searches of cell phones, computers for location data, and other information (2014, 2015)
  • Prevents VA agencies from assisting the federal government in arresting, detaining, or imprisoning American citizens without presenting charges, or denying habeus corpus (2012)
  • Doubles civil fines for eavesdropping on privileged communication between husband & wife, doctor & patient, lawyer& client, etc. (2015)
  • Protects personal and financial data on driver’s licenses from federal requirements that compromise identity/security, i.e. Real Id (2009)


  • Requires Virginia Internet providers to honor out of state warrants for violent or sexual criminal offenses, computer fraud & identity theft (2010)
  • Protects juror ID to prevent gang threats and intimidation (2008)


  • Requires coaches, sports team directors to report suspected child abuse to Social Services (2012)
  • Allows issuance of government ID Cards for dependents or minors who have disabilities, Autism or other condition if parent/guardian requests it, to protect possible problems associated with police misunderstanding behavior (2015)
  • Established a study of Virginia adoption laws/policies that may impede the adoption of certain children (1998)
  • Created Consumer Advocacy Board for the deaf and hard of hearing to improve services (2000)
  • Prohibited Death Penalty for Pregnant Women (2005)
  • Repealed ID card requirement for persons who are accompanied by hearing dogs (1996)


  • Challenged Obamacare by authoring Health Care Freedom Act (HB10) (2010)
  • Requires Insurance Companies to disclose all payout options to insurance beneficiary (2011)
  • Established Joint Stem Cell Study Commission and was appointed Chairman;  recommended tax funding only for Adult stem cell cures (2005-07)
  • Restricted Insurance companies from dropping coverage for late/missed payment (1999)
  • Made it harder for an Insurance Company to deny medically recommended services (2010)
  • Requires doctors to advise pregnant women of cord blood banking benefits (2010)


  • Streamlined Small Business bid process for state contracts (2006) allowing one application to suffice for all localities
  • De-regulated Voice over Internet Phone Calls (2007)
  • Filed successful Law Suit to overturn Taxation of Virginians by Unelected   Authorities – Marshall vs. NVTA VA Supreme Court 7-0 (2008)
  • Allowed State agencies and localities to buy from U.S .General Services Administration contracts (2004)
  • Established performance based requirements, not brand name requirements, for computer hardware purchases by VA Agencies (1996)


  • Authored Constitutional Amendment which defined Marriage as between one man and one woman which voters overwhelmingly approved in (2006)
  • Banned Partial Birth Abortion (2003)
  • Prohibited Sexually Explicit material on state/local government  computers unless authorized by Agency director (1996) for specific investigation purpose
  • Authorized Judges to require counseling for effects of Divorce or Separation on Children in child custody cases (1995)
  • Increased local option real property tax exemption  for seniors and handicapped (2006)


  • Authorized Localities to designate High Voltage underground Power line Corridors – previously only power companies decided (2007)
  • Overrode Governors four times (required bi-partisan supermajority of House of Delegates and State Senate)
  • Established Immigration Commission  (2007) to study legal and illegal immigration in the Commonwealth
  • Established procedures for fair and secure election recounts (2000)
  • Permitted localities to amend ordinances for U.S. HUD compliance with Civil Rights Act of 1968 (1996)
  • Courts & Local Government buildings may post “In God We Trust,” National Motto (2002)


  • Increased penalties for improper withholding of documents from public under Freedom of Information requests(2011)
  • Requires non-salaried citizens on land use boards to disclose their holdings to prevent conflicts of interest
  • Conflict of Interests: state employees must disclose interests, local governments may set limit on gifts. (2003)
  • Requests the Governor to submit budgets to the House of Delegates based on existing taxes, not new ones(2004)
  • Requires State Colleges to publish list of organizations which receive support in the form of student fees (2005)
  • Limits Advisory Commission members to be paid only for meetings they attend (1994);  added Park Boards & Recreation Facilities (1995)
  • Clarifies wording for voter referenda requirements for off track betting parlors in a community (2001) [Opposed off track-betting.]


  • Requires School Construction bids to be disclosed to public (2003)
  • Prohibits Steroid Use by Public School Athletes (2005)
  • Requires School Boards to provide character education to prevent bullying and notify parents of a student subject to hazing (2005)
  • Establishes guidelines to detect and determine illnesses or conditions prior to authorizing public school sports participation (1994)
  • Requires our National Motto, “In God We Trust,” to be posted in all Public Schools (2002)
  • Established joint subcommittee to study the practice of “social promotion” of students based on age, vs. promotion based on merit or performance (1996)
  • Allows School Boards to appoint a subcommittee to approve or disapprove expulsion, provided appeals are allowed to appeal to full School Board (1997)
  • Eliminates onerous reporting requirements for home schooling  children under age 6 (1998)
  • Requires VA Education Dept. to identify age-appropriate techniques to improve the memory of students (1999)


  • Requires Road Construction bids to be disclosed to public (2003)
  • Banned Tractor-trailers in Left Lanes on Interstates I-66 & I-495, etc.,  (1997 & 2000)
  • Enables Virginia Audits of METRO to save tax money (Marshall amendment to SB 934, (2005)
  • Requires Virginia Rail Department to compile list of abandoned rail corridors for future Mass Transit use (2007)
  • Authorized Safety Study of Trucks & Large Vehicles stopping on roadways (2002)
  • Requires Roadside Traffic Warnings for disabled commercial vehicles (2003)
  • Authorizes localities to build tolled roads, bridges and ferry service if adjoining localities agree (2006)
  • Requires Local Comprehensive Zoning Plan to include costs that new zoning would allow, including VDOT road improvement costs (2006)
  • Increased fine for improper use or attempted use of highway crossovers (1997)
  • Studied VDOT’s use of consultants vs. VDOT employees for cost effectiveness (1998)
  • Allows Localities to use cash proffers from different projects to construct more extensive road improvements in different areas (2006)
  • Request by House of Delegates to Congress to Suspend EPA e-15 Ethanol Requirements  (2011)


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